< Chosen > of Firetree is back for Classic WoW!


We are looking for any previous members of the guild from any time period in WoW, or people who have played with us in the past, or old Firetree players!

Interested in playing Classic WoW with < Chosen >?

Add me on Discord:      FlatFeet#8212

Add me on Battle.net:   FlatFeet#1868

Update #3: With 2 weeks to go until launch, we've seen over 100 people join our Discord and sign up to play Classic from every corner of Firetree, but we'd love to have as many as we can. We have a great mix of raiders and non-raiders, so if you're interested, please reach out to me!

Update #2: In just about a week, we've had over 50 people sign up! We have room for any Chosen folks or people from Firetree!

Update #1: In 6 hours, we've had over 25 people sign up! Hit me up for Discord access to sign up!

Launch Date:         August 26th at 6pm EST (Monday)

Faction:                 Alliance
Server Type:          PVP
Server Location:   NA    (timezone TBD)

Raid Times:           8-9pm EST start times (to accommodate east and west coast)
Raid Days:            Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Raid Duration:      Approximately 2.5 hours

Loot Rules:            Loot council with our standard loot rules for attendance and rolling. Loot isn't the guild's focus.

Guild Leader:        FlatFeet
Raid Leader:         Har + FlatFeet
Officers:                TBD, pretty much anyone that has been one before or can represent a large group of pals